Professional Philosophy

In an ideal world, technology should not demand explicit thoughts or cognitive effort. It should rather invisibly serve and support us in accomplishing our goals. In a less than perfect world, however, technology development is a balancing act between adding functionality, maintaining usability, and keeping costs at bay. A game which is not always played that well...

As a result; many consumers state not to be very tech-savvy (having to rely on their "geeky nephew"). This should be recognized as an opportunity in the playing field of any tech-developing company whose products are to be used by human beings.

Insights into human-factors and a User Centered Design philosophy gives an engineer that little "extra". It enables an easy transformation from client's wishes into fitting technological solutions. Such comprehension of how people work, think and act is of vital importance in modern society, where businesses can not solely rely on technology-determinism anymore, but have to excel on all levels in order to competitively stand out!