Biography & CV

After working in ICT-service at the TU/e and the Dutch Polymers Institute, Magnaview hired me for their website development and maintenance (PHP/CMS) as their web-master.

Subsequently, I worked as a user experience (UX) engineer, responsible for the user centered design of health-care and domotica ICT systems within a multidisciplinary consortium (vipLAB). However, scientific interests made me return to academics; to work as an Human Computer Interaction (HCI) researcher for the HTI research group at the TU/e, where I performed user research on 'Family gaming behavior' within an international cloud-game-streaming consortium (Games@Large).

Currently, I am employed as a senior software product specialist at Kulicke and Soffa Industries Inc.. Here, I am responsible for the usability and serviceability of software (Java) products during their complete life-cycles (URS to EOL). Additionally, I am the documentation CMS manager, leading a departmental transition from a 'document oriented' way-of-working into a 'Content Management System' paradigm; by implementing and managing a single-source knowledge system (Author-it).

Please see my full Curriculum Vitae or portfolio for more details.
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