About me

First and foremost; I am an internet, ICT and GNU/Linux enthusiast! I love the opportunities IT brings; ranging from social media/gaming, mobile todo lists (yes I am funny like that), to the 'Internet of Things'. But also the underlying technology - such as: *nix server automation, (distributed) networking, big-data analysis, etc. - fascinate me. At the same time I also acknowledge the (privacy) risks of connecting all information systems. However, at any rate; I could ramble on about ICT for hours!

Next to that; I hope to be experienced as a sociable person, having an open, friendly, and flexible personality. Being an extrovert communicator I like to be surrounded by people. I love to discuss ideas until deep in the night. But beware, as I am notorious for taking the devils advocate's perspective whilst doing so. Simply drop me a statement - grab some popcorn - and watch me take the opposite stand (seriously, I can't help myself...)! Other than that, I am known to be organized, accurate and quality driven.

Furthermore; I think to have struck the right balance between a progressive attitude and conservative morals, reflecting in an innovative but, nevertheless, solid work ethos. Although I am not shy of sinking my teeth into tasks independently, I thrive in cooperative teams that leave room for nuances from various disciplines' perspectives. Even more so; I see strength in combining expertises / competences, sexes, cultures, etc.. I believe that mixing thoughts and perspectives - rather than rigidly taking one stand specifically - generates the most elegant solutions for many problems (both professionally and personally).

Lastly - but maybe most importantly - my natural curiosity causes me to always keep developing myself - to fulfill both personal ambitions and company needs. A topic that did not grab my interest has yet to cross my path!