Professional Philosophy

In an ideal world, technology should not demand explicit thoughts or cognitive effort. It should rather invisibly serve and support us in accomplishing our goals. In »

Biography & CV

After working in ICT-service at the TU/e and the Dutch Polymers Institute, Magnaview hired me for their website development and maintenance (PHP/CMS) as their »

Interests & Expertise

As a Human Technology Interaction (HTI) engineer I have an (academical) background in both social and technology sciences. My expertise lies in the triangulation of these »


MSc: 'Technology and Innovation sciences' Major: 'Human Computer Interaction' | TU/e (Eindhoven) 2006. Various HCI master research projects were successfully completed regarding perception and cognition (see: »

About me

First and foremost; I am an internet, ICT and GNU/Linux enthusiast! I love the opportunities IT brings; ranging from social media/gaming, mobile todo lists »


Oosting, W., de Kort, Y. A. W., & IJsselsteijn, W. A. (2012). Positive parents taking action: Parental mediation of children’s digital game-play. In S. Mels »